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To build an engaging useful intranet, we have to focus on the people and the content that is most important to

Below you’ll find just a small set of some of our favorite web parts in Adoption Center! The capabilities of Adoption Center are ever growing and as Microsoft releases new features for SharePoint we’re working very hard to add them in. Schedule your demo below!

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Most Likes

Likes are an important part to your intranet’s content. Likes can be the driving factor to a news poster creating their next article!

Top Commenter

Comments are a great way to keep an open door policy. They also cut down on the dreaded reply all emails.

Top Page Creator

An intranet would be nothing without pages for reference and content organized into a logical architecture. Let’s reward our top page creators.

Top Page

Knowing what pages are getting the most use is the very first step to ensuring a successful intranet.

Top Page – Comments

See what pages are getting the most conversations sparked. This will help you make informed decisions.

Top Page – Likes

Seeing what pages have the most likes, will help your content creators see how to best layout their pages for more interactions.

Adoption Center was built from real world usage and experience on getting people to actually use SharePoint. The concepts it deploys now has been proven to enhance intranet engagement and adoption for over 10 years!

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