Coupled Technology is a group of individuals that are fanatics about SharePoint and Office 365! We are fully invested in the solutions we offer and projects with our clients!

Understanding Your Business

Each business has special needs and works in different ways, we work with you to understand how your business operates. Deep understanding will allow us to know your business language and what processes can be automated, and improved through technology.

Guiding Your Business

Once we understand your business, we can help guide you in the right direction. We've worked with many different types of businesses and have seen what works and doesn't for different situations. We'll present options for you and help get you to the end goal efficiently.

Building Adoption & Engagement

It doesn't stop after we've finished getting you to the goal, we have to work together to ensure the users are trained and enjoy the experience. We will work with you to help build the skills and knowledge for your staff to train others to build the most adoption possible!

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