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We promise that we will provide you with the best solution possible. Our solutions aren’t just best for your business, we strive to ensure the users love them, making adoption a breeze! Your success is our success.


Coupled Technology has a serious love affair with SharePoint & Office 365. Watching your business thrive after successfully implementing the solutions we build with you is what makes us happy. We pride ourselves on solving complex problems quickly.

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We started off as a couple that was passionate about technology and grew to an organization that works with the brightest minds in the industry to provide amazing service to our customers.

Meet Jeff Collins

Jeff has been passionate about technology since he recieved his first computer at 12 years old. At 16 when his parents decided they didn’t need the extra cost for the internet service, he used money from his job and paid for it for the family. That early testimant of his will to learn everything about technology is what launched him to his career in technology.

Jeff is an award winning technologist, with his most recent award being Valo Contributor of the year in back to back years 2018 & 2019.

Jeff’s ability to come up with solutions to business problems on the fly is what sets him apart from the field. You can learn from his pluralsight courses, or meet with him by scheduling below.

Meet Sam Collins

Sam has been working in technology for over 8 years, and loves every minute of it. She even has her daughters learning programming and graphic design.
Sam’s entire career in IT has been with the Microsoft stack, and she doesn’t ever see that changing.

Between running projects and managing her part of the business, Sam also finds time to enjoy her passions. She’s big on family, but she also likes hiking and camping, and her latest extra curricular activity learning to ride motorcycles.

If you get the chance to work with Sam on a project, you’ll enjoy a calm results driven approach that will leave you wondering how she makes it look so easy.

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