Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft 365 Workspace templates to save you time, money and headaches, putting years of Microsoft 365 best practices in place in just a few clicks.

Orchestry includes multiple templates out of the box to get you started

Create and easily manage new templates! Live templates take out all of the guess work.

Choose from multiple additional templates including Hub sites, department teams or sites, industry specific templates, and more!

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Provisioning in Microsoft 365 using Orchestry is a real-life fairytale for Microsoft 365 Administrators.

Each workspace template gets a custom image, title, description in a beautiful dashboard

Easily manage workspace approvals in the same dashboard. Each approval workflow can be assigned to multiple templates

Choose what to enforce. Set features and channels to be required or allow editing during provisioning. 


Take back control of your Microsoft 365 tenant. Orchestry allows you to easily govern what you have and what your users are requesting.

Creating approvals has never been easier. Simply set the approval steps and the approvers and you’re good to go!

Configure templates to fit your naming standards, including prefixes, suffixes, and custom metadata that can be based on user profiles!

Each template has multiple controls allowing you to create a locked down environment where needed.


Quickly and easily discover any Teams, SharePoint sites or Groups within an organization.

View all available Teams, Groups, and SharePoint sites in one place. Users can choose to view it in card or list format.

Adding custom metadata and fields to your templates doesn’t require a SharePoint expert. Orchestry gives you a simple to understand interface.

Favorite any workspace even if it wasn’t created in Orchestry. You can also easily organize your favorites how you like


Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management

Microsoft 365 Insights/Intelligence

MS Teams Lifecycle Management with Orchestry gives you control from workspace creation through to deletion or archiving, without hefty licensing fees. 

Archie, Orchestry’s Intelligence Assistant, makes your Microsoft 365 analytics and usage statistics actionable and meaningful in your environment.

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