Office 365 is so cool!

Cloud Born

Office 365 is massive, and ever expanding, let our experts make sense of it all in a way that can optimize your business.

Customize the Cloud

Just because it’s the cloud, doesn’t mean you can’t make it home. Let our developers show you what’s possible.

Modern Roadmap

Learning the features is half the battle, understanding how they fit into your organization is where we come in!

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Just getting started, no worries we are here to help guide you with all the best practices we’ve learned along our journey with Office 365. We can help if your big or small, making sure you don’t make any of the mistakes we’ve seen that aren’t reversible.

Security & Health Check

Have you been using Office 365 for a while and just want to make sure you’re covered? From audits to avoiding phishing scams, we are here to guide you to the most secure healthy Office 365 environment.

Managed Office 365

Would you like to have peice of mind that your cloud environment is managed by industry experts? We’ve got you covered, we will handle it all. From adding users to managing security, we will take care of your environment

Future Planning

Are you moving a workload like email to Office 365? If so it’s a great time to plan and roadmap how you’ll take advantage of the rest of the applications it offers. Governance is much easier to manage if you start on the right foot.

Let’s talk Office 365

Why Choose Coupled Technology

We Love

Coupled Technology is a group of individuals that are fanatics about SharePoint and Office 365! We are fully invested in the solutions we offer and projects with our clients! From every step of the process, we are looking for ways to improve your business through enhancing the technical solutions you have or we are working together to build. 

When you work with us on a project or purchase a product from us, you are a part of the team, and our team is family. Every member of Coupled Technology’s family truly loves what they do. Our favorite quote is “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life”, and we truly feel that way.

We’ve also got your back, not everyone has time to keep up on what Microsoft’s doing with SharePoint & Office 365, but we live it. So when we are working together to plan out your solution, we’re going to keep you in the loop about what needs to happen to future proof everything.

We believe in doing the right thing no matter what, and exceeding our clients expectations is a great way to make sure we’re doing the right thing!

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