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Microsoft Teams: A New Frontier 

As Microsoft moves to a self-service model for its applications, and users expect services to be on demand, we must derive clever ways to govern the solutions we offer. With the proper systems in place, we can still provide the self-service model and on-demand applications users expect, without the chaos and confusion inherent in ungoverned Teams creation or the overwhelming workload for IT to constantly oversee their creation, deployment and governance. Automated provisioning and de-provisioning along with the use of targeted custom templates is the key to keeping the environment uncluttered, while providing superior, highly functional and relevant on-demand services for your users. 

Coupled Technology’s comprehensive Teams Solution will eliminate the current burden on your IT staff, streamline and automate the process of implementing your teams, maximize your staff’s ability to effectively utilize Microsoft Teams functionality, all while giving you the power to easily monitor and evaluate your staff’s team activities and effectiveness every step of the way.

The Problem with Teams

The Wild, Wild West

Currently, the majority of organizations that are using Microsoft Teams are experiencing a tough set of choices. In most cases, IT has to choose between either allowing everyone to create Microsoft Teams on their own and hope for the best, or they are being forced to lock Teams creation down, individually approving, creating and establishing governance procedures for each team as they are requested. Even with a standardized process, each Microsoft Team can take up to an hour or more to create properly if you’re including all of the content and features needed to set the team up for success. 

Additionally, with each Team type having different preferences and requirements and no established guidelines for creating relevant and useful features specifically suited to maximizing the end user’s productivity it is unlikely that the team will function anywhere near its true potential. This creates another tough choice. Does IT invest even more time into requirements gathering and functionality training t o optimize the success of the team or allow it to under perform? 

Without a background in SharePoint and Office 365, Teams is hard to manage for anyone. Users love it, and as an industry, IT professionals have to figure out a way to manage its explosive growth within their organizations. Without a comprehensive Teams Strategy in place, most organizations will  continue to struggle with harnessing the power and potential of Microsoft Teams and will lose productivity , both on unnecessary IT oversight and reduced effectiveness within their teams, and as such, within their entire organization.

Coupled Technology's Teams Strategy Solution

Taming Your Teams

With Coupled Technology’s Teams Strategy implemented, IT can select only the complex Team requests they may wish to manually approve, and we can automate the rest of them. Utilizing Teams Templates and provisioning, we can let the users decide what they want and provide it to them on demand. This approach enables us to set up predefined templates that allow users to get a rich environment with pre-provisioned features when they request a team, allowing us to set every team up for success without unnecessary oversight. 

Adding workflows and reporting capabilities to the Microsoft Teams offering will allow administrators to truly govern both existing Teams activities and future Teams requests with ease. During the process of defining template preferences and workflows in creating your custom Teams Strategy we will engage your staff directly for Enterprise Team s Planning and Requirements Gathering. We will also provide Training Sessions for both IT/Admin and Teams end users which will be recorded for future use as a training resource for your staff. 

During these training sessions, we will prepare your staff to operate, extend and enhance the solution going forward. We will train the end users on all relevant features and functionality of Teams and we will train IT on Microsoft Templates creation and modification, as well as the workflow and Azure components of this solution, and the SharePoint Teams order form and customizations.

Once deployed, not only will you have a flawless Teams strategy in place, you will have the tools and training to innovate and adapt that solution as you move towards your organization’ s future goals. The immense value in Coupled Technology’s Teams Strategy solution is such that in the first few months, you
could realistically expect for the service to pay for itself. 

Not only will it drive users away from other costly services such as costly services such as Wrike, Dropbox, Onbase, Asana, and Google Docs, it will allow them to streamline it will allow them to streamline all of their processes, boost their productivity and save time for your entire organization, including IT.all of their processes, boost their productivity and save time for your entire organization, including IT.

We’re Here to Help

Regardless of whether or not you choose to utilize our services, we will be more than happy to consult with you and your staff at no cost or obligation to help you obtain a strategy for managing and administering your Microsoft Teams functionality. Contact us today to schedule a Taming Teams meeting
with our knowledgeable staff!