We recently worked with a non-profit that caters to helping children around the world. They hadn’t had a true intranet in place and only very little usage of Office 365 to date. Their goal was to streamline internal communications throughout their global offices and integrate a streamlined set of shares and resources to their staff. 

In turn their goal was to help the field stay up to date with what’s going on back at the home offices, and be able to easily share the success stories from the field with everyone in the organization. 

With the great work they are doing around the world it won’t be long before stories and helpful interactions around the company are truly helping everyone involved!


We used Valo’s extensive knowledge and some custom Microsoft APi’s to bring a better multilingual experience to the users.

Training is key

We used a train the trainer approach that helped save money and grow their internal IT services. Training is one of the key factors to success, and includes every aspect of the organization from leadership to front line workers.

Future thinking

We had to build the intranet base for what would soon be planned and implemented. Phase 1 of the project was just with IT, so we had to use our industry expertise to help plan what sites could be implemented in the future.

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