Top 5 Reasons to use Modern SharePoint

Top 5 Reasons To Use SharePoint Modern SharePoint Classic is all but gone, if you’re still there it’s not long before you have to move to SharePoint Modern! Modern is responsive and the new way per Microsoft. It’s not all bad so far though, things can be done like they were before with a little […]

Microsoft Ignite Latest News Solution!

One Simple Script & One Flow We’ve built a simple solution to keep you up todate with all the announcements coming out of Microsoft Ignite right in Microsoft Teams!  Run the script to create a Microsoft Team, then import the Microsoft Flow and you’re up and running!  Steps to Success! First you need to have […]

SharePoint Updates: August 2019

SharePoint Updates: August 2019 Microsoft Roadmap ID’s: 53229 | 53228 | 53221 | 53222 August is going to be a busy month for SharePoint updates! Microsoft is rolling out some great new web parts and updating existing ones to look and function even better. While these new and updated web parts are very exciting, they haven’t spent […]

News Ideas for SharePoint

News Ideas for SharePoint Keeping your content fresh is the best way to drive users to your intranet. SharePoint gives us an easy way to quickly put that content for consumption with news. News can be shown throughout your intranet and filtered by department, globally, or by specific metadata. But what’s newsworthy? Generally, when we […]

Adoption Center Customizations

Make Adoption Center Your Own! You can have Adoption Center follow you’re sites theme, or you can customize the colors to your own companies brand. You can also design each web part how you’d like with our 5 different templates, which allows you to create some very amazing looking dashboards! Want to see more about […]

Microsoft Teams Tame the Beast!

Microsoft Teams is for helping users get work done! BUT, it’s getting out of control! Teams is quickly becoming something people love to drop in and try out, and in most cases stay around and use it quite often. In many cases, after a new user has created their team, they will find a more established […]

Valo… Wow! Great stuff!

 We’ve been a partner with Valo for a couple months now, and we didn’t write a post about it here because we wanted to fully vet it first. We take great pride in delivering amazing, future proof solutions to our clients, and just because Valo was enough to impress us to partner with them, it’s […]

SharePoint Site Admin Pages

Managing SharePoint sites can be a big job, sites can vary in size and complexity, but managing them shouldn’t be a burden on the users in control. There are all kinds of tasks that come with managing a SharePoint site, adding permissions, managing outdated content, approving content, updating pages, cleaning up the recycle bin, and […]

SharePoint for your remote teams

  SharePoint is one of the greatest intranets that business and organizations are putting to use in today’s world. It is amazing the kind of successes that one can have with SharePoint and particularly when using it for your remote team. All the amazing features that SharePoint offers are great for effective running a remote […]

It takes so long to add content to SharePoint

Does any of these statements sound familiar when talking about SharePoint? It’s so much faster to add documents to my share. Why do I need to add the metadata to my document? I need to upload lots of documents, I don’t have time to tag them all. This document is only temporary, I should just […]