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Valo… Wow! Great stuff!


 We've been a partner with Valo for a couple months now, and we didn't write a post about it here because we wanted to fully vet it first. We take [...]

Valo… Wow! Great stuff!2018-02-11T05:17:17+00:00

SharePoint Site Admin Pages


Managing SharePoint sites can be a big job, sites can vary in size and complexity, but managing them shouldn't be a burden on the users in control. There are all [...]

SharePoint Site Admin Pages2018-02-11T05:20:16+00:00

SharePoint for your remote teams


  SharePoint is one of the greatest intranets that business and organizations are putting to use in today’s world. It is amazing the kind of successes that one can have [...]

SharePoint for your remote teams2018-02-11T05:21:45+00:00

It takes so long to add content to SharePoint


Does any of these statements sound familiar when talking about SharePoint? It's so much faster to add documents to my share. Why do I need to add the metadata to [...]

It takes so long to add content to SharePoint2018-02-11T05:25:30+00:00

Communication needs fixed!


  It's 2017 and you know what the NUMBER ONE issue with all businesses is? Lack of communication! You're thinking to yourself, "You can't be serious", but we are! Why is lack [...]

Communication needs fixed!2018-02-11T05:23:01+00:00

Microsoft Teams for the real world


Microsoft released Teams and a lot of people are talking about it, but I get the sense that like a lot of other things not many people have figured out [...]

Microsoft Teams for the real world2018-02-11T05:28:06+00:00

Collaboration & Communication


Every business we work with seems to have a common problem, difficulty collaborating, and employees that feel communication is lacking. We aren't here to tell you this is a problem [...]

Collaboration & Communication2018-02-11T05:30:06+00:00



I know, I know, you are as tired of these buzz words as I am. Honestly though, this one is new again, and I for one hope it actually takes off. [...]


SharePoint Adoption


User adoption for SharePoint is the key to its success like any other product. If you implement SharePoint and your employees do not utilize it, then you would consider it money [...]

SharePoint Adoption2018-02-11T05:31:18+00:00