Building Modern SharePoint Pages with Quick Links

Don’t have anything to put on your Team connected SharePoint site?

Fear not SharePoint quick links are here for the assist! We’re going to turn nothing into something! You don’t have to have gobs of information and calendars to share with your organization to have a beautiful, useful page to get your site going!

I’m going to help you use the out of the box web parts to build a full SharePoint page layout with minimal information 🙂

SharePoint News and Quick Links

The big power houses in my opinion to start your SharePoint page are News and Quick Links. Both are easy to configure and can be displayed in so many ways! Don’t get me wrong, there are many out of the box web parts that are easy to set up, but these two stand out in flexibility to display. Plus. they’re really straightforward to configure so no need for understanding the inner workings and connections of SharePoint.  And while I like both, this blog is going to focus on the adaptivity of Quick Links and how you can use them multiple times on a single page. 

How to Start a SharePoint Page from Nothing

Ok, we do need to have something to put on the page, but you don’t need weeks of requirements gathering to get started! The first thing is realizing what you actually have to share. While first thoughts might be that your team or department doesn’t provide much to the rest of the organization, I’m willing you bet you provide more than you know!

  1. The first thing is recurring requests you receive, maybe my email or Teams chat. Remember to not put yourself in a department or team box here! Even if the requests get forwarded out, make a note, we’ll use it later!
  2. Second, what do you or your team commonly request from other department?
  3. Third, don’t forget monthly, quarterly, and annual requests that are processed. Monthly report? Check. Quarterly assessment? Perfect!

Now that we’re got something to start with let’s talk about getting that information in SharePoint and making it look good!

Getting Your Links Organized

I like to start with the most commonly shared documents. The documents, forms, lists, and reports from #1 and #2. If you can find some common threads, let’s break these into groups or categories. You’ll likely end up with one or two stragglers that don’t really fit into a category or could fit into more than one. If you’re not sure where it should go you’re likely not alone and it could be best to highlight it to make it easier for everyone to be able to find! We can’t forget about #3 though! The exchanges that only happen occasionally are some of the best information to put on your page! These too can be further broken down into categories.

How Can Quick Links Help?

I’m so glad you asked! Say for instance after going through the steps you have 10 total items, and 3 of them are actually requests you get for another department. We can create 3 links, each going to the correct department and make it look like more than just a boring link. Just the out of the box Quick Link that come with SharePoint we can make beautiful links! Let’s look at a SharePoint page to get a better idea what that means!

Everything that’s in a red box is a Quick Links web part! Just looking at one page we can see a wide variety of layout options, and this doesn’t even cover all of them! 

I want to point out that the Quick Links web part let’s you change the title or omit it all together, another great way to style your page.

Now when we remember any link can go into a Quick Link this is where we can get creative! Linking to external sources? Only if they’re trusted 🙂

SharePoint page example with quick links

More Ideas for Your SharePoint Quick Links

I want to wrap this up by talking about some of the most commonly used ‘types’ of links I use for my clients. 

– Directly to a document in a list or document library
– To a page with an embedded document
– Other departments 
– Specific view on a list or document library
– Direct link to create new list item
– YouTube video

Layout options for Quick Links!

Available layout options for quick links

Make sure to check out 

SharePoint look book for inspiration:


Using web parts on SharePoint pages

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