SPFx: FAQ Web Part as a Document Card

I recently had a need for a web part for a frequently asked questions list that was a bit more interactive than what I could find on the internet. So I decided to build one and once it was finished I thought it was a great resource to share.

Here’s what the web part looks like and an idea how it functions 

For a tutorial of how to build the whole thing from scratch check out this video: https://rebrand.ly/FAQ_video

Why I Build a Custom FAQ Web Part

A main driver for creating this web part was wanting something that didn’t look like SharePoint or an intranet. I spent some time looking for examples and inspiration from code samples, the Look Book, and intranet examples but I felt like I kept landing on the same accordion look and feel. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the accordion, I’ve even added it into my web part when you’re viewing all questions under a specific category – but was this really my only option? So I started looking at external sites and finally found something I thought was cool enough to build and the react-docCard-faq idea was born!

Now that I had a general idea of my data (questions and answers) and I’ve picked a layout I need to break out my questions into sub groups, something to separate them out by. That’s where the categories comes in, questions are grouped into categories. But I wasn’t finished there, what if, you don’t want to show every category. It could be that open enrollment questions only need displayed around that time. Maybe you’re launching a new product and only want to highlight it for a short period of time? So, instead of always displaying every category in the FAQ list you can select which categories you want to view from the property pane when you add the web part to the page. 

Use cases: 

  • A site can host a single FAQ list and only display certain categories on specific pages. 
  • Season change, Holiday’s, Enrollment time – all reasons you might want to change which categories (or how many) you’re showing

Expanding the Original Idea

Once I had the idea that you might want to change which categories are showing and not just always display the same categories, the featured toggle came in. Adding an additional boolean (yes/no) column let’s us not only select which questions will be showing in main display, but it makes it incredibly easy for anyone managing the list (not the site). By simply changing the Featured toggle you can add or change which questions will display in the document card.

Why in the world did I do a document card for FAQ? A few reasons for the specific design that includes so much white space. 

First, I wanted something that doesn’t look like a standard intranet/internal site. The layout gives a modern, professional feel that could be on any external facing site. 

Second, not every department/group/team knows what to share on their site or page but everyone needs FAQ’s! Because you control how many categories and questions are on the page, you control the layout. This FAQ web part can take up more or less space depending on how you lay it out. 

Third, it’s a great way to drive adoption to your questions. Tired of answering the same 3-6 questions over and over? Direct questions to your SharePoint site where all the answers are! Added bonus, no one has to wait on you to get back from vacation for an 1 sentence answer 😉

Lastly, it drives whoever’s maintaining the list to keep it up to date. It’s not a set of boring questions and answers to go stale. With category options, a featured toggle, and the ability to write beautiful answers using rich text you’re empowered to take your FAQ to the next level! 

I hope I’ve inspired you to think outside of the box and get creative!

Original Code from video: https://github.com/SamC148/SPFx/tree/main/react-doccard-faq

PnP Hosted (will update): https://github.com/pnp/sp-dev-fx-webparts/tree/master/samples/react-doccard-faq

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