Teams vs SharePoint - What to Use When

This is a topic we discuss often because of the shift to work from home, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 usage has been exponential. What should we be putting in Microsoft Teams versus SharePoint? Getting off of the old VPN and into the cloud is the goal, but making sure it’s done in an organized fashion while everyone working from home is key. I like to think of Microsoft Teams as doing for your team and SharePoint as getting information from other teams. Things that are actively worked on are in Microsoft Teams, information that needs to be shared more broadly should be stored in SharePoint. 


Working documents 

Event planning

Conversations with your team

Collaboration with vendors on a project

Team calendars and schedules

Forms (Team based)

Microsoft Teams is where you’re going to be working on your tasks and projects that involve others. How many Microsoft Teams you are in is dependent on how many projects or activities you’re apart of. It provides an easy way to chat with a group of people, share and collaborate on documents. Microsoft Teams drastically reduces the need for emailing documents back and forth because teams can work simultaneously and see changes live.


Published working documents 

Reference material i.e. Employee handbook, benefits guides

Departmental news

Company wide schedules and calendars


Departmental contacts


Location information


Forms (company wide)

Retained documents

SharePoint is a known storage box, but it’s also a company showcase! This is where information that needs to be viewed company wide is best housed. The most common usage is departmental sites, human resources is a great example; a location for all employees to go to access human resources information relevant to employees. Each department has information that should be company facing, even some projects or committees have information that should be shared with all employees. SharePoint provides a place to not only show this information but display it in a friendly to consume way with multiple templates and web parts that come out of the box.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something!

Sam Collins

Sam Collins

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