One Simple Script & One Flow

We’ve built a simple solution to keep you up todate with all the announcements coming out of Microsoft Ignite right in Microsoft Teams! 

Run the script to create a Microsoft Team, then import the Microsoft Flow and you’re up and running! 

Steps to Success!

  • First you need to have the appropriate rights, for breviety we’ll just say be at least a global administrator (feel free to try other levels, for this post we’ll just say have the highest rights).
  • Then you need to ensure that you don’t already have a Microsoft Team named Microsoft Ignite.
  • After you’re sure you don’t have a team named Microsoft Ignite, then you can run the PowerShell script provided. All this script does is create a scope for creating the team we only need to set the access on our own user to create this, not the entire organization.
    • When you’re finished running the script, all you need to do is verify the team was created, and add any members you want to the team!
  • Finally you need to import the Microsoft Flow, we built it in a way so you don’t have many manual steps and no premium connectors!
    • Change the name if desired
    • Configure an RSS connection if you don’t already have one.
    • Configure the teams connection if you don’t already have one.

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