News Ideas for SharePoint

Keeping your content fresh is the best way to drive users to your intranet. SharePoint gives us an easy way to quickly put that content for consumption with news. News can be shown throughout your intranet and filtered by department, globally, or by specific metadata.

But what’s newsworthy? Generally, when we think of company news, images of new hires and health insurance forms starting swirling in your head, but we can do so much more!

These are the some of the basics. Some on the list are familiar but others might be new to you.  
  • New employee Policy change

  • Company achievements

  • Employee birthdays

  • Job postings

  • Surveys and polls

  • Message from CEO

  • Employee anniversaries  

  • In the press (company made the news)

  • Company townhall

  • Company party

  • Inspirational quotes

  • FAQ

While the standard news ideas are great – they will hole up in any organization, they don’t account for many departments. We created a list of great news ideas for standard departments to not only help you get going but to get some reoccurring content. These ideas will help keep your content fresh, pages active, and employees informed of what’s going on!


  • New system 
  • New form 
  • New policy 
  • New team member 
  • Product updates 
  • Email maintenance schedule 
  • Mobile apps use case 
  • Tech tips 
  • Security tips and tricks 


  • Event news and pictures 
  • New logo change 
  • Letter head update  
  • Fundraising  
  • In the press


  • Bring your dog to work 
  • Benefits enrollment 
  • Chili cook off 
  • Holidays 
  • Required training 
  • Bring your kid to work 
  • Update your profile  
  • Cold season 
  • Charity  


  • New order in 
  • Order to be placed soon 
  • Building updates and issues alert 
  • New team members 
  • Behind the scenes 


  • New submission form 
  • New policy  
  • New member of the team 
  • Year end / quarter end updates 
  • Finance tips

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