SharePoint is one of the greatest intranets that business and organizations are putting to use in today’s world. It is amazing the kind of successes that one can have with SharePoint and particularly when using it for your remote team. All the amazing features that SharePoint offers are great for effective running a remote team. All of the features work together for the production of an excellent end-result. There are a number of advantages for using SharePoint and you will definitely enjoy each one of them.

Advantages of using SharePoint with your remote team

COMMUNICATION: SharePoint being used as an intranet can enable you to communicate with your remote team on things they may not be aware of. An intranet can create a virtual community making communication across it very easy and very effective at all times. Having a clear and precise communication path will have excellent results, as the communication channels are open and secure.  This will, in turn, create employee awareness, because there will be no confusions or delayed communication.

SHARING OF FILES AND DOCUMENTS: With SharePoint, you will be able to share documents and files with your remote team at any given time from wherever you may be and while using any device. This means that every resource needed for the completion of a task by the remote team is made available and accessible at all times. These documents can be secured in that you can be able to choose the individual you would like to access the information share and consequently limiting the overexposing of the information. Sharing of necessary information is vital in ensuring that the work needed to be done is done and it encompasses all the necessary details.

SHAREPOINT OFFERS INTERNAL SOCIAL NETWORKING: It’s not all about work SharePoint; sometimes it is vital to engage the remote team in simple social conversations or activities. You can share videos, images, update news feeds and much more. While doing social networking, engaging your team on a matter that is not work related helps you get to know each other better. This will help everyone work better together and open up many options to reach out to people for help on things that might not be in their job role.

COLLABORATION WITH THEM: While working on projects with your remote team, it is important that there is great collaboration between you and them. The best thing about the SharePoint is that collaborators can make changes to a document simultaneously without interference’s. Co-authoring is a great way to get real time feedback on your work and ideas. Another great way SharePoint adds collaboration for remote teams, is with the ability to build lists for tasks to quickly check status on a process.

HAVE LESS MEETINGS WITH THEM: Via SharePoint, communication has been made easier and more consumable. With a virtual team, you need to always have meetings with them more often so that they can keep being motivated at all times and give them the feeling that they really are part of an organization or a company. With SharePoint you can do so by enabling them to share news from their location and consume news from the entire business.


Remote working can be very difficult to master for a company, let a good SharePoint intranet help you make the work part of remote work much easier. Working remote is becoming a must for business to find and retain top talent, not everyone wants to call your headquarters pick for a state home. So let’s get to the 21 first century and provide our employees a best in class place to work!

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