Microsoft Teams 13 Million Daily Active Users

Wild Wild West

Microsoft Teams is becoming the wild wild west, users love it, and administrators are having a hard time controlling it. Learn how to keep the growth going, but under control.

Work Better Together

Group chats, discussion boards, and much more allow teamwork to happen efficiently. Let us help you figure out what makes it click for your company!

Customize your Teams

Teams offers so much already, but sometimes that’s not what we’re looking for. We can build you custom integrations with Teams. Ask about custom tabs to get the data you need in Teams.

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Planning teams will help get your users the right teams before they start trying for themselves. It also ensures that your Teams are private where needed.


We want control, but we also want our users to feel freedom. To effectively scale Teams, we need a provisioning system that works well. It also needs to help us contain and follow our plan.


Teams are amazing, but without containment, they will sprawl out of control. Avoiding the wild wild west is the goal, and automation is the way.


Teamwork by Valo is what brings it all together. Taming the wild west is what Teamwork was created for, and it’s amazing! It comes with a provisioning system and a governance system too.

Let’s Tame Your Teams!

Why Choose Coupled Technology

Microsoft Teams is

Microsoft Teams is fairly new in the Microsoft world, but it’s concepts aren’t. Coupled Technology has been implementing teamwork solutions in SharePoint for over 15 years. The concepts have grown and the tools have changed, but the foundation hasn’t. People want easier collaboration in their daily work lives. Teams allows you to have everything in one place, but it doesn’t allow you to organize it in an enterprise fashion.

Where our experience comes in, is how to build out a proper Microsoft Teams implementation, while keeping true to an enterprise architecture. 

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