We were going through branding a site for Office 365 and the suite bar wasn’t working with our design. Having forgot exactly how to change the suite bar we clicked a link that looked right! Only to find the most amazing feature for user adoption that SharePoint Online has never announced!!

We have longed for the ability to have the landing page customized by the user for the user how they want to see it. Each SharePoint landing page fits at max 60% of the users needs (we made that up from our experience :-)). We’ve seen custom farm solutions that allow users to add their own apps or modify parts of the landing page, but always wished there was a way to modify the entire page if the company design wasn’t what they were looking for.

Well this link we clicked on allows just that, each user can customize the page and see a version just for them, and if they desire they can also view the shared layout of the page as well!

This will require some user training because this allows full customization of the page, and it doesn’t appear to lock certain web parts down, which would be incredibly beneficial.

** This is only on new SharePoint Online sites, we have tested this on older ones and it’s not available, but all new sites we create it works!

So for now there isn’t a save button on these personalized pages, but if you click your profile picture and then Personalize this page again after your edits it appears to save them!

So let’s take a look at the process!

Step 1:  Click on your profile in Office 365 at the top right:

Step 2:  Edit the page as you would a normal SharePoint page and then click profile again and personalize page

 Step 3:  if you want to view the shared layout or reset the page you can now select those options!

In the below screenshot you can see another users view of the page that hasn’t been personalized!

Let us know how excited you are or how you plan on implementing this!


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  1. Ayshwarya August 22, 2018 at 9:25 am - Reply

    Guess – this is a feature provided by Valo and not SharePoint Online (OOTB). Can you please confirm you are using Valo? I am not, and I do not see that option in my tenant.

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