It’s 2017 and you know what the NUMBER ONE issue with all businesses is? Lack of communication! You’re thinking to yourself, “You can’t be serious”, but we are! Why is lack of communication the number one issue on all corporate surveys? How can this be with all these amazing communication tools at our disposal? You might be saying to yourself well our business doesn’t have Skype or Yammer, or SharePoint. But almost 100% of businesses have some form of chat or alternative to email.

Email is still communication, and it’s widely used for many good reasons, just not inter-organization reasons anymore. You should be getting emails from vendors or clients, or news about your products in email. Not an update from a team member on the status of a project you aren’t involved with. Or even better from your leader because you are on the team distribution list about a problem you have nothing to do with! If you’re like us you delete these emails before even reading them, or even worse create a rule for those keywords sending them to a folder you never check. This causes you to miss important emails that do concern you, but it’s worth the cost 10 times over! We’d gladly explain our apology for missing an email over reading 1,000 emails that don’t pertain to us!

 How do you solve this extremely frustrating issue? It’s easy actually, communication channels, start by segmenting your communications into categories, is it an outage, a promotion or praise, or a status update? Each of these should have their own channel, outage should be alerts or push notifications (reminder it’s 2017, everyone has a smart phone!), promotions or praise should be a SharePoint blog or yammer post, and status updates should be a Skype or Microsoft Teams update!

Simple done, ready let’s go! If you need any help figuring out your own categories and how they fit into communication channels reach out we’d love to help you get digital!

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