I know, I know, you are as tired of these buzz words as I am. Honestly though, this one is new again, and I for one hope it actually takes off. How tired are you with the following things?

  1. Back and forth emails figuring out when is the best time to meet

  2. Sending an email to get an approval, and then sending 5 more reminders

  3. Updating a document, and emailing or walking over to tell them you updated it

  4. Printing off anything to sign it and scan it back in

  5. Knowing the status of the process

 So for years we have heard this buzz word, digital transformation, and nothing has really come of it. Maybe a process here or there. But overall our processes has gone from getting a physical document signed to now emailing 10 times on average to get something approved. What would a truly digital office look like, would it even be that much better?

Imagine this… You wake up and check your phone, to see 5 notifications, normally you would be “ahh who cares, spam email”, but today these are alerts to your phone NOT EMAIL, saying your boss has approved the 5 items you submitted yesterday. Then instead of logging in and updating the ticket to in progress now, you get started on the work… WHAT, how on earth, well how about not only did you get that notification, but the ticket or process was updated automatically to in progress, because that is the logical next step!

Now take this further, say you take the time to build in your common processes, you start the process for approval on an invoice, add who needs notified when. Your boss approves, then you get a notification that it was approved and payment was sent to the vendor. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Well it can be a reality, but there is a process to getting there. A process that used to seem unthinkable, today though with the tools available, we can achieve automation of our mundane tasks and free up time to provide our greatest abilities to shine!

If you are looking for Digital Transformation, get a hold of us info@coupledtech.com and we will help you build your future and bring your business to a new age of business process!

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